Competition Team

Please note that levels of classes are by teacher discretion.
If a teacher feels that a class is not best suited for a child she will recommend a different class. Ultimately our goal is for each child to feel successful and confident.

Eight years ago we brought our first team to competition. At that time, we had one group who competed one dance at one competition. Since then, our team has grown to 40 students, we attend three Regional competitions and one National. We showcase approximately 25 dances including groups, duos, trios and solos. We have taken home many 1stplace awards, outstanding choreography awards and have been selected for other high honors as well.
The goal for our team is to not only get the amazing experience of taking their dance talents to the next level, it is also to build team spirit, humility, poise and grace. Of course, we want to do well at competition, but our teachers work very hard to make sure every dancer walks away from the experience having learned some life lessons as well.
We focus on having our graduates leave our studio as well rounded, kind human beings as well as amazing dancers. We do this by having numerous team bonding activities throughout the year and by discouraging any behavior that is not about the team. While the judges are keeping score, we are focused on making sure every team member feels appreciated and valued.

We do our best to manage our team so that there is time for our students to participate in other activities as well. Our goal is to have students who strive for high academic achievements in school, sports and other activities.

Students interested in participating on team should reach out to Miss Connie so that they can start on team track when they are ready.