Class Descriptions

Please note that levels of classes are by teacher discretion.
If a teacher feels that a class is not best suited for a child she will recommend a different class. Ultimately our goal is for each child to feel successful and confident.


Tiny Tippy Toe Tutus
Weekly creative themes set the stage for learning the basics of ballet, tap and movement. Students will learn traditional dance vocabulary mixed with locomotive development and movement exploration. This loosely structured class encourages children to feel the dance and use their creativity while having fun and developing self-esteem.
Beginner Dance Combo
Introduction to traditional dance skills in the genres of ballet, tap and jazz. The perfect class for aspiring dancers who have had 18 months or less of dance training.
Intermediate Dance Combo
Dance Combo for students who have had at least two full years of dance training.
Hip Hop
This high energy class is designed for dancers who want to learn hip hop choreography including break dancing and tutting. Classes will focus on combinations that are built upon weekly. Jazz technique will be incorporated into the class.
A beginner / intermediate class that will introduce the student to lyrical dance.  This class is perfect for students who are interested in improving their overall technique in order to become a more advanced dancer.
Mini Comp, Junior Advanced Hip Hop Comp, Lyrical Comp, Beginner Comp, Advanced Mixed Comp
Teacher recommendation only.  These classes are for students who will be attending dance competitions in the spring.  At minimum comp students must take at least two additional hours of dance per week.  Teachers strongly recommend this class be taken in conjunction with a ballet technique class.
Ballet Technique
This hour and a half class focuses on classical ballet technique.  Ballet technique is essential in all types of dance.  This class is strongly recommended for students who want to focus on becoming accomplished lyrical dancers.
Tap Tech
This fun filled half hour tap class is perfect for students who have taken tap in combo classes in the past and want to learn more advanced tap skills.
This class is geared toward the dancer who wants to be able to incorporate more athletic and acrobatic moves into their dance performance.  We use athletic conditioning and strengthening exercises to facilitate the process.  Participants will gain more core, leg and arm strength and stability.
Musical Theater
Students will focus on becoming well-rounded in the performance arts while enhancing self-esteem, confidence and stage presence.  Perfect for students who want to explore role playing and character development through dance and vocal expression.  Incorporating Broadway show tunes, students are taught and encouraged to communicate characters and stories through improvisation, dance movements and body expression.  Using their innate sense of drama, students learn from others through observation, discussion and the collaboration process of working in small groups.